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One night we found ourselves sitting around a campfire in the backyard. Jon, Jake, and I were hanging out with one of my oldest friends just sipping whiskey and listening to early recordings of 'Because We Had To' as the first was crackling. 

At some point late in the night Josh (my friend) reached for the empty Graham Cracker box and tore off a piece of it, flipping it to the plain side. He pulled out a pencil (he's been a talented artist since kindergarten, and always keeps one on hand) and started sketching something. He wouldn't tell us what he was drawing, but only that he had a design in mind that he wanted to create for us. He said that it was going to embody our music entirely. 

About 12 hours later I got a text from Josh, with a single image. With Jon looking over my shoulder, I opened it. We both instantly fell in love with the design. 

He immediately sent a follow up message...

 "After hearing your album, I wanted to create something that captured the spirit and beauty of Americana music. Something that made could make others feel as free as your music makes me feel. "

An eagle, banjo, and The 502s... perfect.