Partied Tee

The 502s

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Jonathan, Jake, and I were sitting in our grandparent's house late one night trying to figure out what the 1st ever 502s t-shirt design should be. 

We were tossing around ideas about unicycle riding flamingos and vintage light bulbs when our Grandpa Joe overheard the conversation and offered his advice. 

"Your shirt needs to be simple. Life is simple, so the shirt should be simple. Two colors."

We looked at him, listening. 

"When I hear your music, I hear a party."

We kept listening. He moved his hands as he talked as if revealing a sparkling headline. 

"Here's my idea: Black. Gold. I Partied with The 502s."

"Take it or leave it. I love you, goodnight!"

And like that he turned and went to bed. It's almost as if he knew that it was a great idea. 


When we unboxed the shirts, we gave him the first one to wear. I could tell by the look in his eye that he was proud - both of his idea and of us. 

Now, every time we get a picture of a supporter in this shirt, we show it to our grandpa, and he gets the same twinkle in his eye. And every time it warms my heart, because I know that we've made our grandpa proud.